“Sara Doctofsky, your Anti-bullying Program is Amazing. I really like how the program incorporates core values that can be used everywhere and will carry on throughout the children’s lives. I was very impressed with the incorporation of Tolerance, Acceptance and Love aspect as well as the interaction among all the participants.”

Danielle (Concerned Parent),Deerfield Beach, FL


“The PROfessional You’s”The Kindness Is Contagious” program was outstanding. The messages were clear and the interactive exercises captured the attention of our students. Sara Doctofsky did a great job of involving and educating them in various different Anti-bullying strategies and tactics. She really helped our children understand how they can play an important role in stopping bullying behavior. All of our students have signed their own Anti-bully pledges. From their reactions, it is obvious that the “Kindness is Contagious” program has had great impact!”

-Debi, Director, Greater Horizons Academy, Lauderhill, FL


“Thank you so much The PROfessional YOU, Inc. We really enjoyed your Time Management program “The Clock Is Ticking”.The students were motivated and interested in learning about time management. They learned the many ways of how to better manage their time wisely in life. In Addition, they also participated and interacted with Ms. Sara Doctofsky during her presentation. The students were thrilled and eager to learn a lot about the time management skill.

“We the staff recommend The PROfessional YOU, because first Ms. Sara Doctofsky is an excellent speaker and communicator, and the students learned a lot from the presentation. Secondly, the program inspired the students to set goals and achieve them in life. Thirdly, the program definitely prepared them to become excellent leaders in today’s business world.“

 – City of Deerfield Beach, FL


 “With all the violence that our children are facing everywhere they turn, I am so happy that there is a safe controlled environment where children can have fun and at the same time learn all about bullying and their “Rights”. Kindness is Contagious went above and beyond teaching setting boundaries and exploring different methods of dealing with bullying and other pressures today’s youth are faced with everyday!”

 – Amy S., Boca Raton, FL


“The PROfessional YOU has made my “timewasters” into organized, self-motivated, responsible children, especially in the mornings when getting ready for school. I love the “Bedtime Burger” concept and highly suggest this program to any moms with “time wasters.”

– Betsy, PTSA Mom – Tamarac, FL


“I think what Sara Doctofsky [offers] is Fantastic, The PROfessional YOU is just what today’s youth needs. I really like her down to earth approach, and her easy to use tips and tricks. Thank you Sara for bringing back everyday fundamentals back into the Today’s youth.”

 -John, Coral Springs, FL